• Did You Know?

Massage is more than just about feeling good. It is a powerful tool for health maintenance!

  • Classic Massage

Of course I also provide the classic massages for you to enjoy or to relief pain or stress. I provide a short 20 minute partial body massage and a 40 minute full body massage. 20 Minutes session and 40 Minutes session

  • Relaxing Massage

The massage that means to improve the lymph electricity in the body. Determine The neutron flux removes the potential from energy in the body in the nerves and the muscles. 40 Minutes

  • Anti-Cellulite

This massage is capable of not only dispelling cellulite from the place to which it is applied but alsocause it to disappear from the areas that have not yet been treated. 40 Minutes

  • Aroma Therapy

An aroma therapy massage with essential oils. The essential oils based on extracts from flowers, seeds, fruits, trees and herbs and have a healing impact on the health & spirit. 40 Minutes